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Want a credit repair service that gets results?
By now, you know random dispute methods just don’t work. That’s why we work with you to build a total credit repair solution; one that addresses not only disputes, but validations, credit card repayment plans, and help establishing new credit. No matter how bad your credit is, we can help.

Behind every credit repair company ive researched and all the promisies and marketing. Is a software that generates generic disputes. What was once a successful way of removing derogatory credit off of ones file is now processed electronically and results are minimal and can even make matters worst.

I see it everyday, the credit repair company bragging on their proven letters, or hand written dispute letters, or certified mail, or written by an attorney. I think it is important to know, that 90% of the disputes processed by the major credit reporting agencies are processed through a system called EOSCAR. The system is made up of character reading software recognizing key words and converting each dispute into on of about 20 different 2 digit codes. Ex. you could have a 2 page hand written letter,certified mailed explaining in detail how a specific debt is not yours. And the system will convert that into a simple 2 digit code that would convert to the credit as: ” debt not mine.”. Its like taking a filet mignon and running it through a meat grinder, your getting hamburger meat on the other side.

In the good old days when the credit bureau mailed the dispute to the collection agency that reported, it was a pretty good bet that the collection agency didn’t take the time to fill out the form and mail back. resulting in the dispute not being responded to in the allotted 30 days and defaulting to a deletion. Now the creditor is notified electronically,( kinda like an email,) and has the opportunity to simply click verified, or take the time and actually investigate the account off of the information provided to them from the credit bureaus. which is extremely limited as we talked about. and as you can imagine, clicking verified is always the path of least resistance.


  • We speak fluent FICO
    Seriously, we understand the complex scoring system and have the software to simulate the appropriate actions. Our clients can feel confident in the instructions we give.
  • Face to face consultation, not a sales presentation
    We spend that time educating and showing the client what to do next and why…. consultation is free our services transparent, and client is given a guarantee before ever hiring us for our services.
  • We help add the right kind of positive credit.
    Carefully establish what accounts to settle if ever.
  • We use many methods in getting derogatory credit removed.
    We are experts in isolating and finding even the most subtle reporting violations. we do compliance checks on each creditor and collection agency against state and federal regulations. Bond checks, address verifications, debt validation cases, MOVs, dunning notice responses, option outs, judgment responses, DLA verifications, goodwill late payment deletions, account re-aging, dispute removal are but a few. When necessary we will pursue the credit bureaus, the collection agency and the original creditor on a single derogatory.
  • We guarantee a credit score!
    Before a customer ever hires us to use our services they are given a minimum guaranteed score and timeline.
  • Rapid Re-score.
    We can update a file and change a credit score in as little as 24 hours. And we do it all of the time.

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